Meal Plans

I am a creature of habit. I love a routine and I can absolutely eat the same thing just about every day. I do get burnt out on foods, but I can go a solid week or two eating the same lunch before needing variation.

My food for the day looks something like this:

6:00 am: Egg Whites and Steel Cut Oatmeal

7:30 am: Vegan Tropical Strawberry with water and ice. (I drink this when I’m dropping my kids off at school)

10:00 am: Some sort of fruit, usually a banana

Noon: Lunch can vary. I meal prep on Sundays and always make enough for 5 lunches throughout the week.

It can be anything from chicken soup, to salads with a wrap, to turkey burgers crumbled on salads, to a chicken breast with steamed veggies.

2:30 pm: Yogurt with a little honey or fresh fruit

5:30 pm: I’m usually getting home about this time and feeling munchy. I LOVE spicy hummus with bell peppers or sweet potato chips. I also keep a pitcher of flavored water (lemon or lemon, rosemary, and cucumber water) in the fridge. I will drink this while cooking supper.

6:30 pm: is usually supper time in our house and you can find many of our supper recipes in this section.



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