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It’s been a year since I gave up really good for great.

I still remember the emotions that came with the decision and I hope I always will.  The long nights and early mornings.  The constant hustle.  Being so proud that we did it!  That we actually made this happen.  The ‘Oh crap, what am I doing’ thoughts.  The lump in my throat.  The sweaty palms and crazy heart beat all day.  Walking to the parking lot knowing this was it.

This past year hasn’t been easy.  Business goals were missed and figuring out a new schedule was hard.  But, AHHHHMAZING things have happened in between.

Like picking up my kids from school.
Getting homework done early and being able to sit down with them and really help them.  Not the let’s do homework while I cook supper and before we have a soccer game help.
Coached all of Emme’s teams.
Went to Jamaica and the Bahamas with Ben.
Stood in front of 25,000 while our team was recognized in Nashville.
Took vacations on a whim.  Like in the middle of the week, whim!!
Merged teams with one of my most amazing girlfriends and business partners, Lindsay.
Helped coaches on our team rank advance, step outside their comfort zones and grow as people.
Went swimming with the kids on a Wednesday.
Made it to my first Field Trip.
Helped people get off blood pressure and cholesterol medication.
Had lunch with friends.
Took care of my nephew when he was sick.
Had friends who were told they couldn’t get pregnant, get pregnant because they became healthy!!
Sat on the back porch more often with Ben.
Went on Pokemon hunts with the kids.
Donated to more causes.  Both financially and with my time.
Travelled more.
Laughed more.
Loved more.
Saw the good in situations that used to stress me out.
Helped others learn how to cook healthier.
Painted the hallway.
Painted trim. And more trim.  And more trim.
Cleaned out flowerbeds.
Went on bike rides.
Maxed out my Roth.
Enjoyed Christmas.
Was a more present wife and mom.

The decision wasn’t easy.  The big ones.  The life changing ones, never are.  But I’m so glad I said yes.

Thank you all for your support, for trusting me with your health, your goals, your dreams and your fears.  It’s something I do not take lightly and look forward to doing for many many years to come.  #oneyeardown

One Year Down



I am a 32 year old mom to 2 sweet kiddos, who we affectionately call our diggies.  Toby is 7 and Emily is 6.  They keep our house hopping and Ben (the hubs) and I on our toes!

Ben and I have been married 8 glorious years (just ask him!) and have been together for 13.  We met while working at a grocery store in a small town in Texas.  He just couldn’t look away from my awesome checking abilities.

Ben and I went to school at Blinn College in Brenham, TX and Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.  We got married, had babies, and moved back to my hometown to raise our little family.

Everything with my health and fitness was roses until this point.  The baby point.  I have always been athletic and took great pride in being able to eat half a pizza without gaining a pound.  (Maybe my health wasn’t roses!)  After becoming a mom to 2 sweet diggies in 14 months, my body began to change.

It held onto weight like I had never seen before.  After 24 years it had finally caught up to me.  I tried calorie counting apps.  I tried exercising every calorie off.  I tried simply not eating.  And I tried diet pills.  The scariest (to me) of all the above.

One morning I had popped 2 diet pills (Hydroxycut) and went for a run.  I remember feeling my heart beating exceptionally fast and the loss of control I had over my body.  My body would not stop moving.  There’s a saying that goes ‘Your body can only achieve what the mind believes’.  That morning there was no stopping my body.  I remember being so scared for my kids and myself.   I threw the bottle away that day.

For the next few months I started back to yo-yo dieting.  That was of course proving unsuccessful.  On evening I saw a good friend of mine had signed up for a half marathon and without a moment’s hesitation, I signed up also.

I ran.  I trained.  I ate.  I ran.  I trained.  I ate.  And ate.  And ate.  And ate.  Running makes you really hungry by the way!!  But I wasn’t eating the right foods, and before long I was GAINING weight while training for a half marathon.  How does that happen?

I came across another Beachbody coach in my town and asked her about Shakeology.  I bought a sample pack and the rest is history!

I have completed the programs Brazil Butt Lift (lots of shaking your Boom Boom), T25 (hop hop squat), Les Mills Combat (stay with the fight!), 21 Day Fix (shake now so you don’t shake later), and PiYO (define yourself).

Since completing my first program I have lost 27 pounds, and 17 inches from my waist, hips, and arms.

In the process I have learned the importance of nutrition and having peers to hold myself accountable.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you, and hopefully joining you on your health and fitness journey!




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