Crockpot Pork Tenderloin

This is a fall and winter favorite in our house!  And I love it because it will feed us for at least 2 meals or make great lunches for the rest of the week.  Low maintenance,  baby!

My mother in law made this for the first time at a family reunion and I feel in love with it.  I think it’s the pico.  😉  Either way, it’s a great recipe to keep on hand.

Pork loin (duh) about 2 ½ – 3 pounds, fat trimmed
8 oz pico de gallo
1 tsp garlic powder
¼ tsp dried thyme
¼ tsp pepper
¼ tsp sea salt
1 c water
1 onion, quartered
8 red potatoes, halved
Small bag of carrots

Season pork loin with sea salt and black pepper
Pour cup of water in the bottom of the crockpot
Place pork loin in the crockpot and cover with remaining ingredients
Cook on low for 8 – 9 hours

Save leftovers for stuffed baked potatoes/salad

Shopping List:
-Pork Loin
-Pico de Gallo
-Garlic Powder
-Dried Thyme
-Black Pepper
-Sea Salt
-8 Red Potatoes
-Small Bag of Carrots



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