21 Day Fix Popcorn

Every Friday night we have movie night, which calls for popcorn!   We were guilty of buying the bag popcorn for a longggg time, but a few Christmases ago my sister in law bought us an air popper.  It’s been on since then!

This is our go to popcorn recipe.


Organic popcorn kernels
Sea salt (we like the one with a grinder so you can pick between coarse or fine.  Fine works best for popcorn)
Coconut oil

Pour the appropriate amount of kernels into the machine (there will be a max line in your machine)
Scoop 1 tsp. of coconut oil out and place in the top removable compartment
Turn on your popper and let all the kernels pop
The coconut oil will melt during this.
Drizzle half the coconut oil on the popcorn and sprinkle a little salt on as well.
Mix and repeat until the coconut oil is gone.  Serve immediately.




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