The Master’s Hammer & Chisel (Week One)

I bought this gem of a program in December, with plans to start the program in January.

See how happy I am?!  It was also the first day of our remodel, so I had been moving furniture and emptying out closets all day.  Not fun.  But getting this made my day!


I’ve been waiting for a new program that combines weightlifting with cardio and that will challenge me.  I knew this was going to be it!  The Master’s Hammer & Chisel.

My plan was to do what I have always done in the past.

Set my alarm clock.
Push snooze about twice.
Crawl out of bed.
Sneak around in the dark and try to get dressed.
Be as quiet as I can be without waking Ben.
Post my accountability picture and let me group know I got it done.
Then get the day going.

But, then I received this for Christmas.


Seriously THE BEST Christmas present EVER!  The.  Best.

Being honest, I had plans to drink wine with the program.  I was going to limit it, but certainly still partake.  There was no way I was not missing this opportunity, though.  I have wanted him (the hubs) to do a program with me for about 2 years.  And now I have it writing!

So we did what everyone does before buckling down for 60 days.

We ate Mexican food.
Had a margarita.
Then had another.

And on January 4th it started.
We meal planned.
We stocked up on Shakeology.
And we worked out.

Is getting up at 5:30 easy?  It’s easier with him.
Is working out early in the morning easy?  It’s easier with him.
Is eating healthy easy?  It’s easier with him.
Is not drinking easy?  It’s easier with him.

This program isn’t designed to be easy.  It’s designed to push you and to allow yourself to break through self imposed limits.  Why would you want a program that does anything less?

On day 1 we were excited.

The first workout was called Chisel Balance.  It’s hosted by Autumn and you use weights while balancing.   It sounds easy, but I promise it is not!  Between almost 3 minutes of pistol squats at the end and weak ankles, it was tough.  But we got it done.  After a quick Shakeology, day 1 was in the books.

Day 2 was Hammer Plyometrics.  It was short and that’s about the only good thing that came from that workout.  Imagine 25 minutes of jumping, with weights.

But just as we did on Day 1, we got it done.

Day 3 was Iso Chisel Strength.

Autumn (Chisel) hosted this workout again and Ben’s first words were ‘she’s doing this one’?  It wasn’t meant bad at all, it was an honest question.  Seeing as we have the Beast, you would imagine he would host the first strength workout, but Autumn did what she does and kicked our butts!

By the end Ben was using 5 pound weights and I grabbed some beer bottles from the fridge.


Day 4 was a rest day, which we gladly took.

Day 5 was Iso Speed Hammer, hosted by Sagi.  Lots of holds!

At the end he asked us to take a picture with our guns.  Ben took it a little differently than I did…


Day 6 was Chisel Endurance.

Day 7 was Total Body Hammer and 10 Minute Abs.

We stayed on point with our nutrition.

12507095_10103495087179367_4239221055044691620_n 12508975_1659258904333260_7044119513942695496_n 10363927_10103492151582327_3246730226382671640_n12540604_10103500421364617_1546997132932622583_n

Which led to Ben loosing 6 pounds his first week, while I lost 3.

I cannot say enough about this program!  It is just what we needed, especially after the holidays.

-Challenging workouts
-Dialed in nutrition

It feels good to be back on track!

If you would like to have the accountability of a group environment, meal plans, recipes, and a supportive network please email me with the subject line ‘LET’S GET HAMMERED!’ to



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