Giving up the Good for Great

Hanging up the heels for sneakersIt happened.

The payoff.

After countless sleepless nights, early mornings, sacrifices from my family and myself. It happened.

My time is mine. My work is mine. My family is mine.

I am home and away from any time clock. There will no longer be requests made to work through lunch so I can get to soccer practice. No longer requests made to see programs at schools or attend events. No longer requests made to take care of my kids when they are sick. No longer requests made for vacation.

It is all in my hands.

On August 21, 2015 at 5:01 p.m. I became my own boss and made the commitment to go all in with Beachbody and helping to end the trend of obesity.

The idea terrified me at first.

The only feeling that matches it was driving to the hospital to deliver our first-born. That excited and scary feeling of stepping into the unknown. Yet you know what it about to be placed in your hands is so amazing and wonderful that your heart skips a beat and you swallow your fears for the greatness that is about to come. That feeling.

A part of me wanted my last day to end at 8:01 a.m. and the other part wanted it to last forever.

I was blessed to have a good work environment. My job was very family friendly, but also demanding of my schedule. I loved my co-workers and the Company, but it became more and more clear that my goals didn’t match theirs.

I wanted freedom.

It was never intentional. The decision to leave my job. When I began my journey it was solely to get myself healthy. I was a young mom who felt lost with all the responsibilities that comes with the amazing title of Mom. My first child went to daycare at 6 weeks old and my second at 5 weeks. It broke my heart. We barely knew each other (I mean they slept 80% of the day!) and another person gets to spend the day with my child, who I prayed for, skipped sushi and wine for and lost myself for. I wanted to spend that time with my child. I wanted to get to know them.

I remember the day I made the decision. I never said it out loud; I just made a promise to myself.

My son was sick. The school had called and he was running a fever with an upset stomach. He needed to get home. There was no one available to cover for me so I could go grab him. Everyone else that I relied on was very busy as well. As I tried to figure out how to make this happen, how to get my sick son home, I became angry. Angry at the situation I was presented. Angry to have to, in my mind, choose one or the other. I know every parent goes through this at some point. I understand my situation was no different. But yet it was. I had an opportunity in front of me that would allow me to change my future.

After a lot of juggling and AMAZING grandparents, he got home. And he slept and recovered. But I will never forget that day. It changed my mindset. It was my tipping point.

I have always had a ‘job’. Whether it be hauling hay, mowing lawns, babysitting, waiting tables, working at a grocery store, or a corporate setting, I’ve always had a job. And I never saw that changing. I love the atmosphere of work environments, the challenges and the people I met. But I also always felt an undeniable pull to these jobs as well, an ‘owing’ if you will.

My parents are hard workers. My family is a hard working family. It’s something I take great pride in. Everything we own, every vacation we have taken, every relaxed evening, we have earned.

Would quitting my 8-5 devalue this? Would I no longer be a hard worker if I weren’t punching a time clock?

It took a long time for me to answer no to this. And to answer no confidently. While this new endeavor does give me freedom of my schedule, it in no way devalues my work ethic. If anything it should validate it.

Building this business took time. Time away from my family, from nights out with friends and from myself. But the sacrifices that were so freely given have been paid forward in dividends just as freely.

What if you had to work hard for one year to live the rest of your life by your design? Would you put forth that effort? Would your family put forth that effort? Would your friends?

It truly takes a team to achieve big goals and I am so proud to be surrounded by an amazing team. A team that keeps you focused and mindful of your path. A team that works with you, never against you. A team that pushes you and celebrates achievements.

Some people roll their eyes.
Some people wish not for your success.
Some people just don’t.

I’m so grateful to not be a part of that ‘some people’ group.

I am present with my family, with my challengers, with my friends, with my team and with myself. I am a hard worker and loyal. I am an even better wife and mom. I am productive and fulfilled. All because I took the leap and decided to give up good for great.

Here’s to achieving big goals, setting even larger ones and continuing to evolve.



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