3 Day Refresh

What is the 3 Day Refresh?fresh

In a nutshell. The 3-Day Refresh is designed to detoxify and cleanse, while supporting your metabolism with easy-to-prepare, nutritious whole food to help your vital organs re-energize.

My favorite thing about the Refresh is that your food prep is none to minimal. You’re eating raw or steamed veggies, which means I don’t spend Sunday in the kitchen prepping. Very nice!

Now this is going to be an honest review. There were some things, like the lack of meal prep, that I loved. Then there are others, like the small amount of calories, that I didn’t like so well.
Here’s how it works…

The 3 Day Refresh consists of three daily shakes, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, plus a variety of fresh fruits, veggies and healthy fats throughout the day.

1.) Wake-Up: Drink 8-12 ounces of filtered water.
2.) Breakfast: Shakeology plus fruit.
3.) Mid –Morning: Fiber Sweep (digestive health drink)
4.) Lunch: Vanilla Fresh (high protein shake) plus options from the fruit, vegetable and healthy fats list.
5.) Afternoon Snack: From the fruits, vegetables or juice list.
6.) Dinner: Vanilla Fresh plus a meal from the dinner recipe list.
And that’s your day!veggies3

I was prepared for the worse. Hunger, headaches, egg withdraw, wine withdraw. All of it. But it really wasn’t too bad. I did really miss my eggs and wine though. I caved on the wine.

The first day was good. I followed everything to a T, but became hungry in the evening. Evenings are my ‘snacky’ time and not having the option to snack and hold a glass of wine while the kids ran amuck kind of drove me crazy. But I completed Day 1 and went to bed a little early so I didn’t spoon avocado into my mouth.

Day 2. I went into this day with a plan. I was actually pretty full throughout the day on Day 1, but knew the night was going to pose a problem, so I tweaked. Again. I’m being completely honest here. Shake your head as you may, but I had a glass of wine, extra veggies and an extra fat on Day 2. It went like this:

1.) Wake-Up: Drink 12 ounces of water. (It came from my tap)
2.) Breakfast: Shakeology with a banana.
3.) Mid – Morning: Fiber Sweep. Call me crazy, but I kind of like this. It’s citrusy which I like and if you chug it fast it doesn’t get so grainy. As with most fiber drinks, the drink can get thick and grainy fast. Which means you need to chug it fast! But my twisted self liked it.
4.) Lunch: Vanilla Fresh with another banana. (I work full-time and have no problem bringing in a batch of bananas to eat on all week. Convenience and health. Easy peasy!)
5.) Afternoon Snack 1: Cucumber and avocado with sea salt. I fell in love! It really is very good! Probably ate too much avocado though.cucumber
6.) Afternoon Snack 2: Red bell peppers and hummus with fruit.fruit
7.) Wine. Told ya. Came home and poured a small glass of wine.
8.) Dinner: Vanilla Fresh with cucumber and tomato salad. Soooo good! It’s now on my weekly snack menu.salad
9.) Snack: Green beans in extra virgin olive oil with sea salt. Raw. So good. I refer to green beans as my French fries. Yumminess.

I went to bed without any hunger on night 2.

Day 3. Repeat of Day 2, but without the wine.

My end result, with adding a glass of wine and an extra helping of veggies and fat, was a loss of 5 pounds and 1 inch on my waist, which was the only part of my body I measured! I was so happy!after

Things I learned:
–I need to eat more veggies.
–I need to drink more water. Everything revolves around water on the 3 Day Refresh. My body said thank you and I really try to make it a point to get my water in.
–My mind doesn’t do well with hunger. And neither does my body. (My husband will confirm this). The 3 Day Refresh is based off 900 calories, which is very low. Another reason it’s only 3 days. Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to add a little extra when your body shows it needs it.
–It took 2 days for my body to really respond. Day 1 I saw a small drop in weight, Day 2 nothing (probably the wine) and Day 3 my body responded beautifully. My belly was also a little bloated the first day and a half. It had to remember what to do with all the fiber and veggies coming in!
–I can be full without meat. I love a medium rare steak or a chicken breast, but I really enjoyed eating veggies. I did miss my eggs and steel cut oatmeal. I might have smiled on Day 4 when it was back on the menu again.
–I also kept 3.5 of the 5 pounds off for the next 30 days. Big accomplishment. Imagine if you could keep 3 pounds off each month. That would be 36 pounds in a year. From just 3 days. Awesome!
–My body needs this every month. Which is why I now do it every month. Modified. 😉

And that is the 3 Day Refresh in a nutshell. I would highly suggest partnering with someone when you commit to this. It’s always good to know you’re not alone when you go for something new.blog-signature


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