Breakfast Yummies

I LOVE breakfast.

When I was little my Mom would make whatever supper I wanted for my birthday.  Every year it was either breakfast or potato and sausage soup.  High maintenance, I know.

My love for eggs, sizzling bacon and mimosas has no bounds.  **Note.  My Mom did not give me mimosas when I was little.  This was acquired after age 21**

So it makes sense that some of my ‘snacks’ throughout the day are breakfast focused.

This is great right out of the oven or they can be reheated in about 20 seconds.  Just poke a few little holes throughout it.

Our kids love these and aptly named them ‘Breakfast Yummies’

Ingredients:Breakfast Yummies
12 eggs
24 pieces of sliced turkey
coconut oil or coconut spray

Warm oven to 350
Spray or coat a muffin pan with either coconut spray or coconut oil
Place 2 pieces of sliced turkey in each muffin spot to create a bowl
Crack an egg and drop it in the middle of the sliced turkey bowl
Repeat with remaining 11 spots
Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until egg is cooked.

**You can scramble the eggs, add veggies, cheeses, meats, etc.  This is simply the base recipe.  You can also substitute turkey meat with bacon, etc.  Have fun with it!**

For 21 Day Fixers I count 2 of these as 1.5 reds.



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