How We Arrived Here

I say we because we’re all in this together.  This crazy McDonald, latte craving, sedentary style world.

The majority of my life I have been very healthy and fit. Working out is not a new concept to me. I grew up in a very small town in Texas. Burton had a population of 311 when I graduated high school and half of these 311 people were family.

I played every sport we offered and loved 2 a days. I loved (and still do) the Texas heat and the feeling after a good workout. When I’m having a stressful day, I want to sweat. That is my release.

Nutrition is something that is new to me, though.

Growing up in a small Texas town meant amazing chicken fried steaks, made from scratch gravy, and large portions of food many nights. I grew up in the kitchen with my Grandma and Mom, sharing stories about the happenings in our small town and adding cream of whatever to any dish we could get our hands on. Life was good!

Then I went to college, gained a few pounds (nothing crazy), lost the pounds, and carried on. My nutrition was still poor, but the University I attended made sure I received plenty of exercise. Texas State University in San Marcos. You can tell the freshman from the seniors by the size of their calves. The hills and steps that cover the campus kept me in shape, as well as my love for running and working full time.

Then came marriage. Then a baby. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a 3 week old in our hands. Then came another baby. This time our first born was learning to walk in the waiting room while baby number 2 made her entrance. We had no idea how calm our life was until we had two babies.

We didn’t know what end was up for years. We both work full time and sleep was a mirage we were never meant to touch. We went through the motions, as most young parents do, and focused on raising babies and little on ourselves.

The pregnancy weight I had lost was creeping back and after coming back from my 30th birthday (Ben surprised me with tickets to New York), we both knew things had to change. The kids were getting older and they were starting to eat the same crap we were. We set out to create $10 meals for our family of 4 that were healthy, manageable to cook, and tasted good (sometimes that can be the tricky part).

Ben went Paleo and I went 21 Day Fix.

I learned how to fry eggs in coconut oil instead of bacon fat. I learned that chicken can be eaten without breading and steaks shouldn’t be so large they fall off your plate.

I learned to cook a completely new way and really owe the marriage between the portions of 21 Day Fix and the cooking of Paleo to my family’s health and the recipes that I will share on this blog.

Currently, items like spaghetti squash, almond milk and broccoli are selling out in our local grocery store. I have never been so proud to see a spaghetti squash crate empty .

My goal is to share with you the knowledge I have gained, so that you can in turn share it with others.

Together we each have the power to the End the Trend.



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